Clinical Decision Support Tools

Our clinical decision support tools, embedded in EireneRx® , identify participants at high risk for adverse drug events (ADEs) and provide actionable insights for pharmacist recommendations made at the point of prescribing.

The MedWise Risk Score™

The MedWise Risk Score is a quick and easy way to assess which participants are at highest risk for ADEs and require immediate medication management attention. The MedWise Risk Score value is calculated using the active medication ingredients of a participant’s entire medication profile, including over-the-counter medications.

MedWise Risk Score image

In a study of almost one million patients, a risk score equal to or above 20 was found to be associated with increasingly higher medical expenditures, such as emergency department visits and hospitalizations. On average, of the study cohorts who underwent Medication Risk Stratification, about 20% of patients over 65 have a medication risk score equal to or greater than 20, and thus are at high or very high risk for ADEs. For patients 64 and younger, on average, 7 – 10% are at high or very high risk. Focused collaboration with board-certified CareKinesis pharmacists can have a material effect in reducing medication risk scores.

Medication Risk Mitigation Matrix

Our medication risk management technology helps PACE organizations lower costs by reducing ADEs, enhancing quality of care, and avoiding preventable hospital admissions. Our novel and patented Medication Risk Mitigation (MRM) Matrix enables prescribers to optimize a participant’s medication regimen by individualizing medication selection, adjusting dosage levels and time-of-day administration, and eliminating unnecessary prescriptions.

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