Pharmacist’s color-coded dosing schedule helps patient stick with drug regimen

September 2016
From Pharmacy Today

“Norman Seers” was running errands late one afternoon when he had a painful reminder that he hadn’t taken his medication. He had an urgent need to urinate, but when he found a restroom, he
couldn’t go.

Seers, 77, takes an alpha-1 blocker for an enlarged prostate, but the nighttime dose—which doesn’t coincide with any of his other meds—was too easy to forget. “You’re out and about, so it’s harder to remember than the ones you take first thing in the morning or at bedtime,” Seers said. Seers took six medications—three OTCs and three prescriptions—at four different times during the day. The North Carolina native also complained of feeling lethargic and mentally foggy.

A pharmacist friend of his, who knew there had to be a better way, referred Seers to CareKinesis Chief Pharmacotherapy Officer Bob Alesiani, PharmD, CGP, for a consultation. CareKinesis is an organization whose mission includes keeping older patients, who are typically eligible for nursing home admission, safe through technology-enabled products and services for medication risk management.

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