Precision Prescribing


  • The age of PACE participants is a risk factor for adverse drug events.
  • One’s ability to metabolize most FDA-approved medications is based on the type of metabolic protein enzymes inherited from his/her biological parents.
  • When two or more medications overlap in their use of a metabolic pathway for activation, transport, or elimination, participants are at greater risk for medication-related problems.
  • In a review of medication profiles, 86% of our participants are on at least one medication that has an important genomic metabolic pathway for activation, transport, or elimination.
  • Between 15-25% of participants are taking medications that compete for the same gene!

Our Precision Prescribing initiative adds pharmacogenomics to the suite of evidence-based and person-based decision support tools, used in real-time, at the point of prescribing.

Pharmacogenomic Testing

Pharmacogenomic (PGx) testing is available for PACE participants at our client locations who meet the test criteria set by our Clinical Advisory Panel. Test results help guide medication prescribing by determining if a PACE participant has the functional genes necessary to metabolize particular drugs.

For more information on test criteria and on how to request a kit, email