Increasing Medication Management and Adherence with the MedaCube™

Inspira LIFE: Increasing Medication Management and Adherence with the MedaCube™

The PartnerInspira Health Network
Inspira LIFE (Living Independently for Elders), a member of the Inspira Health Network, is located in Vineland, New Jersey. LIFE is a Medicare and Medicaid program known in many states as PACE (Program of All-inclusive Care for the Elderly). The location serves approximately 276 participants in three counties.

The Challenge
Inspira LIFE Medical Director Ankur Patel, MD, MBA, and his staff noticed that several participants were struggling to successfully manage their medications. “One of the biggest challenges with seniors is that many intend on taking their meds, but memory impairment prevents them from doing so,” he explains. “And if they do take them, they forget that they did and double-up, which results in preventable adverse events.”

The Solution
In an effort to increase medication adherence, reduce preventable ADEs, and improve utilization, Inspira LIFE opted to provide several participants with the MedaCube. The MedaCube is an in-home automated dispensing system that helps PACE participants continue to live independently and avoid nursing home or assisted living admission. The device provides real-time notifications to caregivers and nurses when patients have not taken medications as expected, and it does not require pre-sorting of medications or complicated canister configurations, reducing nursing time and the risk for error. If a patient misses a dose or the machine sensors indicate tampering, the caregiver and nurse are alerted.

CareKinesis is the exclusive national provider of MedaCube to PACE. More than 150 of the devices, which are customized for each participant and backed by 24-hour customer service, have been deployed across PACE clients.

The ResultsDr. Patel
“Before deploying the MedaCube to our non-adherent participants, medication compliances rates were in the range of 20 to 40 percent,” says Dr. Patel. “Having the MedaCubes in their homes has significantly increased their medication adherence to rates of over 90 percent.” In addition, participants using the MedaCube are unable to take additional medication by accident, since the device tracks and stores unused medications. Staff efficiency has also increased due to the reduction of homecare visits and time that nurses spend managing participant medications.

Inspira LIFE fully endorses the CareKinesis MedaCube, and their success story has been featured in local news outlets such as the Daily Journal and NJBIZ. Thirteen MedaCubes are currently in use by Inspira LIFE participants, which represents five percent of their census, and staff plans on deploying six more devices in the coming year. “We are pleased that our long-time partner, CareKinesis, is able to provide Inspira LIFE with the MedaCube and the services required to assure participant success,” Patel says. “The device enhances medication safety for participants living in the community and helps to avoid nursing home care, helping PACE accomplish its goals.”

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