Custom Adherence Packaging

The CareKinesis Difference: Improved Medication Safety.

CareKinesis offers customized packaging options based on participants’ individual needs. These include multi-dose medication adherence card (MAC) packaging, pouches, and vials. The vast majority of our PACE participants use MAC packaging, which has been shown to increase regimen compliance.

Our science-based medication safety processes for multi-dose packaging are designed to:

  • Avoid (Pharmacodynamic) Multi-Drug Interactions – sometimes interacting drugs can be safely administered at different times of the day
  • Avoid (Pharmacokinetic) Drug-Gene Interactions – when multiple drugs require the same gene to work properly (activation or elimination), those drugs must be administered at different times of the day to be effective
  • Reduce Accumulative Drug Risk – taking multiple drugs with the same side effect can be very dangerous, but properly planned times of administration can help reduce the risk

Our approach to adherence packaging helps solidify CareKinesis as The Safe Choice for PACE Pharmacy.

Medication Adherence Cards

Medication adherence cards are associated with increased adherence among elderly patients on complex medication regimens.

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Can COVID-19 be transmitted on medication cards?

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