MedacubeCareKinesis offers the MedaCube when adherence packaging is not enough to support medication adherence for PACE participants, or when participants have diffculty managing their medications in-home, even with adherence/reminder packaging.

The MedaCube is an in-home dispensing system that helps PACE participants continue to live independently and avoid nursing home or assisted living admission. MedaCube is a 10-inch, cube-shaped device that provides real-time notifications to caregivers and nurses when patients do not take medications as expected. The system does not require pre-sorting of medications or complicated canister configurations. If a patient misses a dose or the machine sensors indicate tampering, caregivers/nurses are alerted. CareKinesis also provides 24-hour customer service for clients.

CareKinesis is the exclusive national provider of MedaCube to PACE, and currently has deployed more than 100 MedaCubes across our PACE clients. The average adherence across all devices >96%, as measured by those participants who received medications from the devices.

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MedaCube training videos are also available.

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