Premium Delivery Service

CareKinesis’ extensive delivery network assures medications arrive at the PACE center or participant home safely, intact, and on-time.

PACE programs partnering with CareKinesis have the flexibility to customize delivery options for each participant, including delivery type, location, and time.

CareKinesis guarantees receipt of medications on the day requested via FedEx and UPS. Urgent and same day requests are fulfilled by our Community Pharmacy Network, and options for special delivery using local couriers are available.

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As part of our premium delivery service, CareKinesis provides information about medication deliveries via voice and text messages to PACE participants or their designated caregivers.

Notifications about medication delivery and tracking are sent from CareKinesis Pharmacy’s telephone number, so participants know who is calling and how to contact us.

To learn more about CareKinesis’ medication delivery services, contact us at 888-974-2763 or